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Isaac's runs two hostels in Dublin—the other one being Jacob's Inn Hostel. Issac's Hostel is highly rated by travellers, most notably for its prime location in downtown Dublin which allows guests easy access to city bars and restaurants, including Trinity College and Temple Bar.

Isaac's Hostel has recently undergone renovation and new facilities include a lounge area, sauna, laundry room, and game room. There is also live music on most Fridays from 6 - 8pm.

Here is a message from the hostel:

"Welcome to the new Isaacs Hostel – celebrating its 25th year in existence with a massive facelift – not satisfied with injecting a little Botox here and there to iron out the wrinkles – no siree – we have gone for the full job – new floors – new curtains, new light switches , mirrors and loads more. AND to the complete and utter joy of staff and management, the bathrooms and showers are absolutely fabulous!

And Ladies, we are catering for you too – full length mirrors with good lighting with sockets for hairdryers and straighteners (and we have them too if you don’t bring yours)and shelves for putting your make – up on while applying just the correct amount of coverage. And of course we have irons and ironing boards (as well as laundry facilities) should the need arise although we don’t think you should be wasting your time ironing – life is just too short!

We are just so excited and proud of our lovely new hostel. Finally we have it all –a fantastic location close to bus, train, shops, Temple Bar etc, great accommodation, friendly and helpful (if a little mad) staff and the best events in Dublin which sets us apart from the other hostels in Dublin (except for Jacobs Inn of course as we own it too!)– live music, free use of our sauna, free video nights, Isaacs’ (now famous) bbq’s with beer and a burger only €5 (or a “fiver “as we say in Dublin) and our extremely popular daily Staff Recommendation board where our staff update great places to go and eat or drink or visit (places that might not appear in the normal guide book but we think they are great) - .

And of course you have all the usual freebies that most of our competitors are offering (we started most of them and they felt they had to follow to keep up with us!)– free WIFI with new improved coverage, free daily guided walking tours, free light breakfast (we have improved this too and are working on improving it some more).

And did we mention the rates? –Yep, what you have heard is all true, Ireland is in a bit of a Recession but it means that this is the best and cheapest time to travel. Anyway I digress – at Isaacs Hostel and Jacobs Inn, we are offering the lowest rates in the country – probably even in Europe if not the whole world – It is probably actually cheaper to stay with us than stay at home!"

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